Monday, April 16, 2012

Finals Prediction

Congrats to the Conference Finalists!

Sparrows vs Stallions – Antoine Vermette and JP Dumont have led the charge for the Cinderella Sparrows club that continues to surprise in this year’s playoffs. JS Giguere may go down as the biggest offseason pick-up by any team as the veteran goaltender continues to lead this club to victory. The Stallions are a veteran club that’s getting excellent play out of Sidney Crosby and Olli Jokinen and a committee of others. The Stallions are looking really strong right now, and although the Sparrows will get a few wins, the Stallions are destined to play for the Cup.

Prediction: Stallions in 5

Gorillas vs Bulls – This series will likely go long. Both teams are exceptionally well built with quality netminders and offense. The Gorillas lack the depth on defense that the Bulls have, but the team has found some nice chemistry in this year’s playoffs and that will certainly help. Both teams have had plenty of rest and the stars are performing as expected. The Gorillas are built to win the Cup … just not this season.

Prediction: Bulls in 6


Stallions vs Bulls – This is pegged to be a classic matchup between veterans WHL GMs. Both teams have nice depth, quality goaltenders, and veterans who know how to win. The Stallions have some older legs on them which will be their only question mark leading into the finals, especially if they have a long series against the Sparrows. This will be a great series but expect the Bulls to repeat as WHL Cyber Cup champs.

Prediction: Bulls in 7

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